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Panchakarma Equipment Set


Help for setting up a new center !


Complete Panchakarma Unit


Massage Table (Droni)


Shirodhara stand


Shirodhara Pot


Portable Steam Bath (sitting type)

With the single unit (Ayurveda massage table (Droni), Shirodhara stand and Shirodhara pot) various Ayurveda therapies like Ayurveda Massage known as Abhyangam, Swedanam, Shirodhara, Udvartanam (dry powder massage), Pizzichil, Pindaswedanam (kijhi), Katibasti, Tarpanam, face treatments etc. can be done easily at one place.
  1. Massage Table I - Unit price US$ US$  1095.00 /
    Massage Table II - Unit price US$ US$    949.00
  2. Shirodhara Stand - Unit price US$ 263
  3. Copper Shirodhara Pot Available in two size
    1) 2.5 lt) - Unit price US$ 105.00
    2) 4 lt) - Unit price US$ 135.00

Shipping charges: Shipping charges will depend upon shipping mode of your choice (by Sea or Air) and your destination country address. For more information on shipping, please contact us at info@panchakarmaequipment.com with your address details.

Massage Table: I (New Design)



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