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PORTABLE STEAM BATH (sitting type)

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We have portable steam bath unit (sitting type). A personal portable steambath requiring no installation, no plumbing and to specialized electrical hookups.

Power: 230 V / 50 H2 (Note: 110 V Model also available please specify while ordering)
Wattage: 600 Watt (Approx) 60 Minute automatic timer
Safety: 2 Thermostats


  • Portable
  • Burns calories
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Glows your skin
  • Benefits of aroma therapy
  • Aroma therapy for healing purposes
  • Soothing of your mind body & spirit
  • Feel fresh & stress free
  • Improves metabolism & digestion

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Price: US$ 249.00 (including shipping charges NO hidden cost)

For any query, please contact at - manish@chakrapaniayurveda.com

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This page contains information about Steam dom to perform Herbal steam (Swedanam) therapy